Kharley Bagley Smith – Emergency Services Director, Hays County, Texas

8 februari
09:00 - 09:45
Kulturcentrum Ebeneser

As the technology for emergency communication services continues to advance, let us not discount the need to build and sustain personal relationships throughout our communities. After experiencing consecutive historical flooding events, this need proved to be the lifesaving resource officials relied upon most in Hays County, Texas. Join Kharley Smith, Emergency Services Director as she provides an overview of recent disasters throughout the State, response tactics, and lessons learned with focus on internal and external communication in a crisis.

Kharley Bagley Smith has served as the Emergency Management Coordinator in Hays County, Texas for the past 5 years but in total has almost 20 years of experience with emergency services in Hays County. She started her employment with the County in the Emergency 911 Call Center while attending Texas State University. After obtaining a degree in Public Administration, Kharley furthered her training in Homeland Security, Bioterriorism, Incident Command, and Emergency Management. She transitioned into the position of Medical Countermeasures Coordinator under Emergency Preparedness prior to taking on her current role. Hays County has been listed as the third fastest growing county in the United States with the county seat of San Marcos being the fastest growing city in the nation according the US Census Bureau. The rapid growth coupled with back to back federally declared emergencies has added substantial planning and response challenges for the Office of Emergency Management. As the Emergency Management Coordinator, Kharley is responsible for hazard mitigation planning, emergency operations, emergency communications, and response to and recovery from large scale emergencies throughout the County as well as ten of the eleven municipalities within Hays County.